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Caliva carhop delivery

Dear Amazon, it’s our turn to deliver to you

Over the past year, Amazon has been critical to making our everyday manageable. Throughout COVID, essential workers from Amazon have ensured packages arrive on time, enabling many to safely work from home. By showing up every day, essential workers helped our economy to thrive and kept us safe. We are grateful for all essential workers and we were thrilled to read that Amazon is no longer testing their essential workforce for cannabis use. 

Beyond testing Amazon has taken a progressive stance to also call for federal legalization of cannabis:

“And because we know that this issue is bigger than Amazon, our public policy team will be actively supporting The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act of 2021 (MORE Act)—federal legislation that would legalize marijuana at the federal level, expunge criminal records, and invest in impacted communities. We hope that other employers will join us and that policymakers will act swiftly to pass this law.”

Much like Amazon essential workers, Caliva essential workers also worked throughout COVID, staffing our retail stores, our cultivation and manufacturing operations, and delivering cannabis across the state of CA. As cannabis was an essential business, like Amazon, we had a job to do. We stand side by side with our Amazon essential workers and on this historic day. When a company that employs 153,000 people in CA states that they understand cannabis use is as normal as alcohol, we know this is a tipping point for progressive cannabis policy reform. To celebrate this stance and Amazon’s essential workers, we’d love to officially welcome any Amazon employee with a 35% off invitation to join our Caliva Club on your first order. While we don’t have an Alexa, like Amazon we are focused on great value and great customer service and would love to return the favor of delivering to you for once.

Amazon employees please use code WHHFMH and show your employee badge in-store or at time of delivery. Let’s celebrate making history together.

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