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TSUMo Snacks’ “Good Fortune Bundle” is an AAPI Powerhouse of Premium Cannabis


TSUMo Snacks is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month with a “Good Fortune Bundle” Program, but it’s offering much more than luck ever could. The THC-infused edibles company that recently collaborated with renowned Chef Roy Choi on elevated culinary snacks has curated an initiative to amplify the diversity and importance of AAPI cannabis culture through the new “Good Fortune Bundle.” Their exclusive collection brings together an array of leading California AAPI-owned brands in which all sales will be directed toward supporting Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE).

AAPI representation in cannabis culture has never been more crucial. While Asian culture has utilized cannabis for medicinal purposes for millenia, only a mere 2.4 percent of cannabis businesses in the United States are led by Asian Americans. That said, post-legalization, the community still faces taboo, misconceptions, and discriminatory challenges–exactly what AACE aims to change.

Founded by award-winning creative and activist Ophelia Chong, AACE intends to empower, inspire, and provoke conversations around cannabis within the Asian community. After challenging her own misconceptions about “stoners,” she realized the harm of stereotypes that were keeping people from accessing medicinal cannabis and has since worked to destigmatize it. As more people are acknowledging that the stigmatization of cannabis is rooted in racism and politically-driven propaganda, Chong and AAPI-led brands are rediscovering and embracing a heritage of 10,000 years of its medicinal use. 

Caroline Yeh, CEO and co-founder of TSUMo Snacks shares, “As individuals with an AAPI background, we were raised to follow a set path in life, and cannabis was not considered a part of that journey.” As for the inspiration for the “Good Fortune Bundle” she says, “This program seeks to honor innovative AAPI brands by curating products that highlight their distinct offerings and connections to AAPI culture.”

This curation exemplifies an impressive community collaboration and Coastal's “Good Fortune Bundle” will feature participating AAPI-led brands. Bloom, the immigrant and BIPOC-founded concentrate cultivators are known for a meticulous solventless extraction process that doesn't disturb the complexity and terpene profile of their strains. Pure Beauty offers sustainably grown premium cannabis in their highly sought after pre-rolled joints and award-winning live resin beverages. And, of course, TSUMo Snacks, the innovative, women-led edibles brand elevating everyday cannabis experiences with inventive, unexpected flavors like Chef Roy Choi’s Spicy Cheesy Ramen and Spaghetti & Meatballs.

Celebrate AAPI Heritage Month with Coastal and experience this limited time assortment. The “Good Fortune Bundle” is available until May 31.

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