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Getting Weird July 4th Weekend with Cruisers' Ride Along Vapes


July 4 weekend is usually about barbeques, fireworks, backyard sprinklers, and sparklers. But if you want to skip the processed meats and gunpowder you’re in the right place. No dog anxiety, no airline stress, and nothing traditional–we’re starting new traditions. Pack the car and pack a vape because we’re going on a wonderfully weird California road trip. Here are four trippy destinations to shake off the mundanity of your day-to-day and the best Cruisers Ride Along vapes to pair them with.

Slab City: The Salton Sea

This place stinks. Literally. It used to be a major vacation destination, but now it’s a smelly, landlocked body of toxic saltwater and home of Slab City. So why would you go? There’s something beautiful about wandering through the ruins of a tourist town. You’ve heard of Salvation Mountain? Time to see it for yourself. Get into some hot springs, admire some strange sculpture and art, plug your nose, and thoroughly weird yourself out. If you’re into that kind of thing.

Pair with Pineapple Express

Keep your wits about you with the strain perfect for adventuring. Taking dystopic photos and discovering mid-century Ozymandias has never been more romantic.


Mystery Spot: Santa Cruz

Okay, so this isn’t a big secret, but we couldn’t make this list without it. Opened in 1939, this gravity-defying obstacle course will have you questioning your sobriety and the laws of physics. If you’ve never been, it’s worth a visit. While you’re in town you can visit Capitola or check out the Court of Mysteries and get some “mystic inspiration.” We don’t know what that means, but if you could go and report back, we’d appreciate it. 

Pair with Golden Pineapple

Enhance your mystic inspiration and get a boost of energy and positivity so you can trek up hills and prance around these fantastic lifesize optical illusions.


Bob’s Crystal Cave: Yucca Valley

Come for Crystal Cave, stay for the Sky Village Swap Meet. This magical cave, created by the late Bob Carr, is decorated with crystals, seashells, insulation foam, and running water. You can glimpse into this meditative landscape through windows and feel yourself transported to a treasure-trove fantasy land of true imagination. You’ll feel like Augustus Goop viewing the chocolate factory from that giant tube except you get to shopping afterwards. The Sky Village Swap Meet is open every weekend from 6/7AM-2PM.

Pair with SFV OG

This strain eases in slowly to take away pain and anxiety and leave you with a happy, breezy, ease-of-mind and social lightness. Perfect for appreciating glittery insulation foam and shopping for kitschy antiques.


Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze: San Francisco 

It only costs $10 to get lost in this psychedelic maze. Just be careful not to run into any mirrors. No, really, be careful. One internet search of this place will teach you walk with your hands in front of you. This strange spectacle is located in a pretty touristy spot, Pier 39, but once you make your way out of the maze you can play around in the Musée Mécanique and get a bowl of clam chowder to acclimate yourself back into the real world. 

Pair with GG4

We’re gettin’ real weird for this one. This super heavy Gorilla Glue hybrid is going to have you feeling high, and then, eventually, very hungry. Perfect for maze-meandering and chowing down on some touristy food that involves you eating the bowl it’s served in. Just make sure you do it in that order.


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